About the Shop

Our mission as a woman-owned business is to cultivate a marketplace of goods for the plant lover.

About Pippa

Founder and Creative Director Pippa Baker-Rabe is a self-taught linocut printmaker. She grew up in a family of artists surrounded by the natural beauty of Ojai, California and Sweden, Maine. A born leader, plant-lover, and museum aficionado, the Print Shop is Pippa’s truest expression of the talents and joy she has in life. You can find her in the Print Shop in sunny Ventura, juggling art, entrepreneurship, coffee, her husband, and a very silly cat and dog.

About Linocut

Linocut is a printmaking technique where linoleum slabs are carved to create a relief stamp. Pippa’s process begins by sketching out an idea, tracing it onto paper, then superimposing the design onto a linoleum slab. She then uses a variety of carving tools, chisels, and knives to carve away the undesired linoleum, creating a bold relief of the original design.
Once the slab has been carved, paint is mixed and rolled onto it, creating a stamp that’s full of color and ready to print on paper, fabric, or clay. Pippa uses a hand-printing technique instead of a printing press, pushing the painted stamp, waiting until it has set, then removing it carefully.
pippa's print shop linocut relief stamp
The final design shines through!
pippa's print shop final product dahlia