Succulent Garden
Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

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The Succulent Garden brings to life a large family of succulents in bold relief. A flourishing, listening community. Succulents include: Aeonium, Echeveria, Lithops, Aloe, Pleiospilos nelii, Sempervivum Arachnoideum, and Agave. 

The Succulent Garden design takes shape as a custom print in the Shop’s FINE ART series. Hand printed on heavyweight Strathmore acid-free paper, this print is a favorite for the plant lover's home. Feel the gravel under your toes as you explore the many shapes and textures in your succulent garden. 


  • 11”x14”
  • Hand carved linocut print
  • Printed with block printing ink on Strathmore heavyweight, acid-free paper
  • Printed by hand, colors may vary
  • Frame not included

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